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As the sole Protector of Nature, Florence has traveled all over the world doing her best to protect all flora and fauna. One day, however, when she heard of a small island called Puerto Rico, she made it her mission to travel there, as it peaked her curiosity. Upon arriving, she was simply astounded by the island's beauty and wildlife! The song of the coqui, the colors of the Puerto Rican parrot! It was all met with wonder and awe by the lovable Florence. 

Since then, Florence has decided to stay in Puerto Rico and protect all its natural resources, all while having some fun along the way. 

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Some say she was was born from a magical seed, others say she was created by nature itself as a way to defend itself. No matter the case, Florence has only one purpose in her life: to protect all nature and wildlife! She may be a being of very few words, but she's always willing to do whatever it takes to save the day.

She roams around the island of Puerto Rico, either admiring the green scenery, watering herself or listening to classical music.  If you ever come across her, she's usually very friendly, kind and all around just plain lovable, but when people provoke her, or harm nature in any way, she's known to retaliate in often cheeky and mischievous ways. She carries great physical strength, and even though she can come across as sassy and obnoxious to many trespassers, she's always very graceful and has a good heart. 

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Enjoy these short animations starring Florence!

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Florence en Puerto Rico (PR Comic Con 2022 Teaser)