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In the town of Violetville, dozens of legends have been told about the existence of Climatians (magical weather-controlling beings created by Mother Nature). 

When one of those creatures, a Stormcaster named Nublado, is banished from his home in The Weather Realm, he spends the rest of his days causing chaos and mayhem upon the humans. Until one day, he falls in love with a beautiful young woman named Gyra, who was actually a Sun Guardian in disguise!

The two eventually become friends, but Gyra is completely unaware of Nublado's feelings for her. Will he be able to win her heart, or will his feelings towards his banishment keep his entire world in perpetual bad weather?

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Nublado is a Stormcaster who was banished from his home in The Weather Realm, and now lives in isolation above an abandoned human house. Since he was often bullied and rejected during his time at The Realm, he prefers spending his time alone, and using his powers to scare away any human that tries to move into the house. His only companion being his best friend, Gloomy. 

When he meets Gyra, however, Nublado opens up to her and reveals that beneath all his dark, stormy exterior, lies a big cloudy heart.


She may look like a human, but she's actually a Sun Guardian in disguise! After tiring of The Weather Realm's questionable lifestyle, Gyra decided to leave her home behind and start a new life in the human world, where she discovered a small yellow house just outside of town, right where Nublado had settled his stormcloud!

From the moment Nublado accidentally fell in her front yard, Gyra's kind and generous nature caused her to instantly befriend the banished Stormcaster.  Gyra likes to spend time with Nublado, but  she's completely oblivious to his massive crush on her.



Gloomy is the best friend a Stormcaster could ask for. A small cloud accidentally brought to life by The Condensers, Gloomy was abandoned after his playful nature annoyed the Climatians. Afterwards, he was found by a recently banished Nublado and the two have been living together ever since. 

Gloomy is always cheerful and endlessly loyal to Nublado, never leaving his side. Whenever the Stormcaster is feeling down or in need of friendly advice, Gloomy always manages to find the right words to say (Despite the fact that the only thing he can say is ''Chui'')

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In this prequel to Cloudy Skies, Nublado is annoyed when a young human couple keeps kissing on his property, and wants them to leave so he can continue to live in peace in his cloudy environment with his best friend, Gloomy. But before that can happen, Nublado must come to an unexpected realization.


7mo Festival Ponte Los Cortos (2021)

LUSCA Film Fest (2022)

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