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Meet Radiation Cat, a mysterious superpowered feline created long ago, as a top secret experiment at Buron Labs, Inc. Shortly after escaping the facility, Radiation Cat ended up in a pet shop, where he was adopted by a young woman named Penny Bermuda (Who nicknames him ‘’Nitro’’)  

Now, follow the adventures of Radiation Cat, as he uses his powers to protect his new owner, get out of bizarre situations, and save his home in Nuke City!




Created long ago as a top-secret experiment at Buron Labs, Inc, Radiation Cat is a feline like no other. He's fearless, nearly indestructible and extremely loyal to his owner, Penny. He's sworn to use his powers to protect her no matter what. He constantly saves the city from villains in order to make the world a safer place for Penny to live in. 

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Penny is an easy-going girl. She is very well aware that her cat has superpowers, and loves him for who he truly is. She can be stubborn or hot-headed at times, but she always fights for what’s right and is always there for the people she cares about

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Findingo is Penny's old college buddy. A man of science who is often very cautious and eccentric (sometimes overly serious according to Penny.) He lives in his observatory home where he conducts various kinds of research and experiments. Findingo isn't fond of the idea of his closest friend having a radioactive cat for a pet, thus he and Nitro have a bit of a rocky relationship.

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A crazy little kitten who developed a huge, unrquited crush on Radiation Cat after he saved her from Killer-9. As an added bonus, she also happens to have the power to multiply and make clones of herself, driving a lot of villains (And sometimes Radiation Cat) completely insane. She may be mischevous and cheeky, but she can also prove herself to be a great friend and ally to Radiation Cat.

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Radiation Cat's most dangerous and notorious arch nemesis also happens to be the man who gave him his powers to begin with. The Buron is both a brilliant scientist and a ruthless warrior. Ever since Radiation Cat escaped his laboratory, he has done everything in his power to track him down and get his creation back.

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Gil B. Rivers goes by the name of a bounty hunter named Ninedeath. His one goal? To capture, deliver and sometimes destroy every single mutated feline loose on Nuke City. He does, however, have special eyes set on one particular feline: Radiation Cat. While he's managed to capture other mutant cats before, Nitro seems to be ''the one that got away'', which enrages Gil to an absurd degree. Because of this, his irrational behavior often leads him to be defeated in bizarre and humiliating ways.

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Killer-9 was built by Ninedeath to be the ultimate extermination weapon.  Equipped with all sorts of tools and lasers, Killer-9 is known to be absolutely vicious and nearly unstoppable when it comes to Radiation Cat. He can't help that he's programmed to destroy, but there is a possibility that his hatred for the feline far excceeds that of regular coding. After all, he is smarter than his master and often laughs at his misfortunes.

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Hydro was originally brought to Buron Labs along with Nitro. During his time there, he developed abilities like learning to speak English and breathing underwater. Unfortunately, Hydro ultimately felt rejected and unwanted in favor of his brother, causing him to break free of Buron Labs and flee to Nuke City in hopes of conquering it and proving his superiority. Since then, he's become a bit of a wisecracking party animal who can be both threatening and hilarious.

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No one knows where Londy truly comes from, or what she is exactly, but she's definitely one of Radiation Cat's most unpredictable and dangerous foes. Londy is cunning, sarcastic and manipulative, several abilities she uses to lure Nitro in and make him believe she's on his side. In reality, Londy has a burning distaste for humanity and doesn't want to just destroy Nuke City, but also spread her reign of terror across the entire world!

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Meet Madscatch, Purrkey and Meowshy. These three bumbling, meowing foes are the result of a single cat's personality  being split into three different cats. Madscratch, their angry leader, Purrkey,the joyful trickster and Meowshy, the nervous wreck. All three of them have individual powers that match their unique personality traits. The Emoti Cats may not be the brightest of Radiation Cat's enemies, but they should not be underestimated nonetheless, as their powers are known to cause massive chaos in the city.

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Witness an epic battle as Radiation Cat fights for his life against the evil robot dog, Killer-9, a ruthless canine machine bent on destroying him.


LUSCA Fantastic Film Fest 2023

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Radiation Cat: The Team
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