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Valentino is a living painting of a cat who was separated long ago from his owner, an artist who used magical paint to bring his creations to life. Now, Valentino is living the rest of his days as a stray cat, creating his own art and attempting to exchange it for food (A literal starving artist!) Follow his misadventures as he uses his magical paint abilities to survive and to hopefully, find a home.

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A painting of a cat that was brought to life using magical paint. After being separated from his owner, Valentino decided to start creating own art and exchange it for food to survive. He can be a bit shy around people, but he can also be playful, curious and full of wonder for the world around him! He's also been known to use his magical paint abilities in crafty ways to get out of trouble, which explains how he was able to survive for so long as a stray cat.

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One day, while eating at her favorite pizza place, Lisa stumbled upon a saddended and lonely Valentino, dripping with opaque blue paint, so she decided to feed and bring him home. Lisa, just like caring mother, wants to provide warmth and comfort to Valentino, and offer him the best life she possibly can after everything he's went through.

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A female living painting of a cat with a mysterious past. Venus instantly clicked with Valentino and the two eventually become an unlikely couple. She's spunky, sociable and outgoing. Venus may be an artist just like Valentino, but unlike him, she actually uses a paintbrush, rather than her tail to make her art. 

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