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5 Years of Valentino!

Our favorite living painting of a cat starred in his very own comic book 5 years ago! The very first issue in the series, which was originally published as an e-book on Amazon Kindle, was first created as a college project in 2019.

The story followed Valentino, living his days as a starving artist, making his own art and attempting to exchange it for food. The comic was later adapted into an animated short that has been featured in various film festivals in Puerto Rico and the United States.

Since then, Valentino has gone on to star in more comic books, online strips and animated shorts featuring his various paint-related antics and escapades and is still going strong today.

To celebrate Valentino's anniversary, you can head over to his page right here on our website, where you can find all about the story and characters as well as order your copies of the first 6 issues in the series! You can also check out our YouTube channel, where you can watch animated shorts following his misadventures.

Visit Valentino's Page Here : The Heart of Valentino | Di Franco Comics

Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Di Franco Comics - YouTube

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